My fuckitlist

I’m always a little allergic to people with bucket lists. Maybe I’m an exception, but I don’t have such a list. More original is the fuckitlist. A list of 5 situations where I think “fuck it”. By the way, I thought I was being original with the name of the list, but how could I think that with 7.7 billion other people on our earth. Allrighty, here we go.

Annoyance. Irritation or annoyance is in my opinion a choice, up to a certain degree of course. Just stop and think, the times when you are irritated, you can also choose not to pay attention to it. Give no energy. Think for example of that endless queue at the checkout. Your irritation and annoyances are not going to change anything, except your energy level. Save that for fun things. Life will smile at you.

Friends a.k.a. people who pretend to be friends, but end up not being a positive addition in my life at all. I always pick my friends carefully, but once we are friends, you can always count on me. Provided it’s mutual. The most important lesson I’ve gotten from life regarding friends is that within friendships, you have to give energy, but also definitely get energy from it. Or else, arrivederci.

Things that don’t go the way they should. A packet of sugar that falls out of the kitchen cupboard. Bummer, sugar everywhere. Especially very laughable, because how clumsy I am. We don’t live in 1800 anymore, so with the vacuum cleaner (thanks to engineer Hubert Booth) 3 minutes of work. Kind of like my first point, but this one is mostly about being clumsy yourself. You can get mad at yourself for forgetting something from the supermarket, but it’s not worth it.

Annoying employers. Run! Don’t sit around complaining that you don’t have a great job/not a good employer. Do something about it. Nothing is more annoying than working for a not nice employer. Remember that only you can make your life better. No one else will do it for you AND it doesn’t happen by itself. There is a solution for everything. Even if an employer’s offer is so attractive, you shouldn’t want to go to work reluctantly.

Defending myself. I often have (had) the tendency that if I didn’t want or didn’t feel like doing something, I had to defend it. I don’t have to defend why I don’t want to do something or why I do it a certain way. People can also do it from me only with a “no, not today” or a “rather another time”. It may seem unkind, but it doesn’t have to be. You take a burden off your shoulders, and people will have to accept that. People may also accept your “no”.

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