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I was looking for a new cleanser and day/night cream. New brand, which means a new post! I don’t have very difficult skin myself, but I do have sensitive skin. I go to the beautician regularly and take care of my skin twice a day. I try to avoid sun, and otherwise I put on an SPF. Generally, my skin is calm, but if a cream is too full, I can get a rash or itch. In the winter, I generally suffer from dry skin. I try to avoid perfumes, silicones and parabens in skincare products.! is a new, clean beauty face care routine with fermented beauty ingredients for glowing & beautiful skin in 3 easy steps: CLEANSE, PREP & CARE. Super easy, right? If your skin needs more, you can always add more. Up to 7 steps, inspired by Korean beauty routines, will not only enhance your glow, but also your bathroom top shelf. Why? Because who doesn’t want flawless, naturally glowing skin?

Since these products have few “bad” additives, I’m curious to see if they respond well to my skin as well. They are relatively mild products. It is for a “luxury” skincare brand very economical in use and a friendly price.

What have I tested for you?
I tested the Miracle oil cleanser, favorite foaming cleanser and the Hydra power gel cream.

The miracle oil cleanser (100ml €18.53), the word says it all, is an oil. “The Miracle Oil Cleanser from! contains cold-pressed grapeseed oil that cleanses and nourishes your skin in just one step. The cleanser gently removes foundation, lipstick and eye makeup. Removes excess sebum and protects the skin from drying out. The Miracle Oil Cleanser contains fermented olives, these nourish the skin with important fatty acids and strengthen the natural protective barrier.”

It cleanses the skin and removes makeup. You gently massage this oil into your skin and then add a little water to it. This gives it a milky substance. This really gets all the dirt off your face. You can also use it on your eyes, but with waterproof makeup I recommend you to clean your eyes first with a cotton ball and a “normal” makeup cleanser. After that you can use the oil cleanser for the whole face. Rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. The smell is subtle, but nice.

Then I use the favorite foaming cleanser (100ml € 12.95). This is a gel-like substance. This cleanses deeply and removes impurities. “The gentle Favourite Foaming Cleanser from! refreshes the complexion and has a balancing effect on the skin. Fermented Japanese apricot hydrates and provides visibly improved skin. Fermented green tea soothes the skin and reduces blemishes. The skin is deeply cleansed and nourished with valuable nutrients. Limanthes alba oil prevents the skin from drying out.” You massage a small amount onto your face and then rinse it off with water. Afterwards, you can pat your skin dry. This scent is also quite subtle, a bit lemon-like.

The last product is the hydra power gel-cream (50ml € 30,89). This is a, as the name suggests, gel/cream like substance. “The Hydra Power Gel Cream from! is a daily moisturizer that instantly merges with the skin. Japanese apricot reduces pores and provides vitality and elasticity. Fermented pear extract and algae provide the ultimate hydration boost and visibly refreshed skin! Plus: It’s the perfect primer for smooth and glowy complexions!”.

You really need very little of this product. I hate it when a cream stays on my skin too much, leaving you with a kind of greasy layer on your face. If you use too much of this product, you do leave a greasy layer on your skin. This is also not nice with the application of makeup. Apply sparingly so. My skin feels well moisturized after application.

“The use of fermented ingredients makes a product not only more effective – but more efficient. Naturally, these fermented ingredients also contain AHAs that give your skin a gentle exfoliation and stimulate skin renewal. The fermentation process recreates your natural cell functions, which is why! products do not irritate and are super suitable for sensitive skin!

My opinion
Sometimes I seem to get some irritation on certain spots, after using the gel-cream. Possibly this gel-cream is too full for me, despite the fact that I have a fairly dry skin at the moment. It does feel well moisturized. So I doubt if it really is suitable for every skin, as they claim. After applying the gel cream, my skin remains shiny, something to take into account. I personally don’t like walking around with a shiny head. Also, a kind of water-like substance forms in the jar, which remains on top of the cream. I am excited about the oil cleanser though, it cleanses well and gently. Also, the smell is pleasant from this product. Unfortunately, the cleansing gel is too aggressive for my skin, despite their claim that it is for every skin type. The gel-cream irritated my skin too much, and the gel cleanser dried out my skin extremely. Considering the price and the effect this brand had on my skin, I would not buy the products again. Every skin is different of course, but my skin got noticeably worse from this.

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