New skeleton and new poop palace for cat

While I realized that I had been eating custard with whipped cream and sprinkles up to my uvula, the doorbell rang (a.k.a. sound which can be heard as far away as Tokyo). Because I wanted to walk quickly to the door, I flew off my chair, I bumped into the table, resulting in a broken kneecap. I have already signed up for a completely new skeleton in 20 years.

It’s already friday again! This should sound relaxing, but it doesn’t really do that for me. It means that instead of working as well, I can focus on my studies these two days. But we’ll stay in the do-what-you-want-to-be-energized realm for a while. I’m not going to spend the whole weekend crying, with my forehead on the keyboard, typing. There’s going to be at least one wine to drink, too.

After my analytical hour on Thursday afternoon, I found out that I am actually tired of having to prove myself and to study. I have officially received approval from school to graduate in 4 months (cheers!), which does mean that for now I have to work hard. Also, applying for jobs, selling myself to the market. It’ll take a lot of energy, but it will pay off. In January Dobby will be free (only Harry Potter fans will understand this).

a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your ambiance

But I will not be me, if I would only occupy myself with this. I am looking for a new litter box. I am tired of my current litter box because it was delivered defective and the unnamed pet store giant denies my non-functioning litter box problem. Reading the descriptions of the litter boxes, someone with depression would immediately recover from it. “The amazing designed designer toilet brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your ambiance. I would almost live in it myself. On the side is written “love,” so Rocky can also read that even the litter box is love. Or something like that. On this website customers can also post their pictures. This results in pictures where the privacy of pooping cats is not guaranteed.


  1. Alice

    😂😂😂 hilarisch
    Vanavond rijst sperziebonen champignons uien knoflook en spekjes
    Later in het weekend es pompoensoep.
    Of gebakken aardappeltjes. Die eet ik bijna nooit.
    Goed weekend en succes met de studie.😘

    Liked by 1 person

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