Cozy and exciting playground

I never understood what exactly was relaxing about sitting behind your wheel in a convertible in your winter gear. As if you couldn’t afford a roof on your car. But even in the summer I don’t see the added value of a convertible. At most, bald men will have significantly fewer problems compared to people with hair. Although a bald skull will also be cool on summer days with a temperature of 20 degrees. Anyway, no convertible for me.

It sometimes amazes me how grumpily I am helped by a employee in stores. Sure, you’re no clown, but letting the corners of your mouth hang a little less with gravity can’t hurt either. Besides, I can’t help it that you’re standing there. It would make me especially sad. Often enough I also have a working day that I’d rather be under my desk, than behind it. In any case, it won’t change my attitude towards people. Everyone eventually chooses the least shitty job you can get, and at that point you’ll really have to make something of it yourself. That is what I am doing at the moment. If you smile at the world, the world will smile back. And if not, they don’t smile back.

If you smile at the world, the world will smile back. And if not, then not.

After the fiasco “new scratching post furniture for cat”, I was forced to risk another fiasco. I’m going to expand his equipment in the house with a fluffy tunnel measuring 1 meter and 16 centimeters. “Cozy retreat and exciting playground in one: the zoolove cat tunnel invites your cat to frolic or rest. In the process, the flexible roll can be used as a soft handrail to flop against during a nap. The heart pendant at the entrance, with a small bell inside, provides extra playtime fun”. Wow. Make. Me. Crazy. Give me a tunnel like that. Although the statement “provides extra playtime inside” is a bit of a strange interpretation. If I ever have to find another job, I will become a self-employed person who can be hired to come up with texts like this. Hopefully Rocky will play with the fluffy tunnel. And hopefully he will also touch the scratching post furniture one day. Not by me, by Rocky. After demonstrating 6 times how I put my nails in the scratching post, I have come to the conclusion that the message I am trying to convey to my cat is not getting through. Will keep you updated.


  1. bienologisch

    Haha die Rocky zet jou gewoon voor paal. Enne wat betreft je lenzen tunnelvisie kijken lijkt mij wel fijn soms. Alleen een rechte lijn kijken en niet afgeleid worden door alle andere 10000 prikkels meningen en ander gezeik. Nou ja een dag. Daarna ga ik mij denk ik vervelen.

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