Lost my bag, child labor and a hearth shaped kiwi

Good. Monday. It’s often a feisty day already, but when you’re also in my shoes, feisty is an understatement. I had to go shopping, which of course I am not very good at. In the morning I had already seen that there was a snowstorm coming, so I wanted to be out the door before then. Once I was done in the supermarket, I wanted to get my bike, but someone had put his gigantic bike with a container in front of my bike. I struggled to get that bike out of the way, while holding my shopping bag in my other hand. Then for a moment I thought I saw that bike fall over, which made me make a kind of I’m going to catch the bike, but the bike didn’t fall at all. So I must have looked like a mime. Anyway, I was able to grab my bike.

So I’m halfway home on the route, suddenly it starts hailing. Not just a little, no, as if someone were throwing pebbles in your face. Suddenly there was a strong wind, which made me cycle half on the sidewalk. I waited with my hoody up until most of the hail had passed, and then continued cycling. Finally going home. That’s what I thought. I hear something like “flop”, but I didn’t know what the sounds was of. Suddenly I only see the plastic handles of my shopping bag flapping on my handlebars, has that bag been ripped out from under it. So I had already cycled a few meters without that bag. So I turned around again with my bike with the flapping handles on my handlebars. There was a man standing near a wall, and nothing more sensible came out of me than “look at my bag! Fortunately, he helped me hand over the other half of my bag, so then finally, along with my bag, I could go home.

So I must have looked like a mime player

Tuesday morning started with my phone falling on my face, as I sat in amazement and horror watching parents filming their children for videos on YouTube. I don’t understand how all this can and is allowed. The children are being used for income, in my view, therefore disguised child labor. The over-enthusiastic parent who is in the child’s face day in and day out with a phone or camera. In addition, as a parent you take away all the privacy of a child and you partly determine the future of the child. A nice pocket money for the selfish mom and dad. A very unhealthy situation if you ask me. In any case, I do not understand that nowadays everything must be filmed and photographed, and then shared with the outside world. Even intimate moments are rather experienced through a screen in order to film it. No, not for me. Keep it to yourself and enjoy the moment. Everyone wants to be known and make money with just being known. Eventually I clicked away the video, because the risk of a mental breakdown became too big.

I don’t like people who film themselves and tell what they are going to do that day. At the end of the day, you’re also watching someone’s made-up life. Do they claim that every morning they eat cottage cheese with sliced fruit, which is then put exactly in straight lines in a bowl. And for lunch they then eat a super healthy sandwich and kiwi cut into a heart shape. In the evening they eat a three course dinner. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I eat two kaiser sandwiches every morning. No fooling around here. And on a wild morning I might eat a croissant. But maybe eating in heart shapes contributes to a happier existence. Who knows?


  1. shivatje

    Oei een bewogen dag voor je.
    Hoop dat je al je winkelwaar nog bij elkaar hebt kunnen rapen.
    Ach ik eet niets voor ik buiten ga. Nadien gewoon een boterhammetje. Laat al deze die ‘s morgens het nodige fruit eten maar hun ding doen.
    Ik luister wel wat mijn lichaam nodig heeft.
    Hoop voor je dat je toch nog wat hebt genoten van je maandag en dinsdag.
    Laat los wat geweest is en geniet in volle liefde

    Aum Shanthi

    Liked by 1 person

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