Stinky aftershave and glitter thongs

Currently I am concentrating hard to write this piece while being forced to listen to a conversation. “I kept buying concert tickets, I don’t know when, but I thought if I stop buying tickets, I won’t help the artists! Hahahahahahaha”. By now, my head is on poopy head mode and I wish I had no ears for now. I think I can smell his aftershave here. I’d rather smell poop. Furthermore, he is bragging about what kind of food he ordered on a terrace, he says very loudly “60 euros, I come home! The food is ready! Hahahahaha”. It gets even better. He wonders how people do it who don’t have that much money. Well Peter, then you just don’t go out to eat, you buy a loaf of bread and spread peanut butter on it and eat that. Not everyone sits on a terrace filling their stomach and gullet up to the uvula like you. He also starts talking louder and louder. Exceptionally loud for how close the company is. What’s confusing, by the way, is that his voice sounds like a man in his 30s, but looks like Father Abraham. Oh well.

What am I doing. Recently I have been busy in my house. I wanted to redecorate my balcony into a lovely relaxing place, paint my walls, doors and window frames, paint my sofa (with fabric dye) and make some other changes. By now I have done all this, and it feels like I moved to another house. A few more things to change, and then everything will have had an upgrade. Painting doors and window frames is not something you should do when you are tired of life, because then you won’t survive. I had ordered my paint from a hardware store, but unfortunately it got deliverd at the wrong store, so I had to cycle a bit. But it was worth it, in the sun, with 5 kilos in my backpack on my bike.

I had replaced a frame for a new one, but I wanted to keep the old frame. Unfortunately I no longer had the plexiglass, no idea what happened to it at the time, all I remembered was that it was dull plexiglass. The frame had been standing in the way for several days and I didn’t know what to do with it. Until this morning when I stubbed my toe against it so hard and got fed up with that frame standing there. So I decided to take the frame apart (read: break it), because without plexiglass, I didn’t have much use for it anyway. Once I ripped apart the frame, I saw that in addition to the poster and the passe-partout, the plexiglass was behind the poster in the frame. Suddenly I remembered that I had to pull a foil off the plexiglass of the new frame. You guessed it, this plexiglass also still had a thin foil on it. I felt so incredibly stupid, but how could I have known this? I really never read it anywhere until I got the new frame that mentioned it. Well, end result, broken frame with a good piece of plexiglass, poster and passe-partout. Great.

Last night it was party time again across from my house, the whole stuck-up people club had gathered on the balcony. I’m also convinced that stuck-up people have a thicker uvula, and have a harder time talking in a normal way as a result. It would be appropriate if they were compensated for speech therapy. Anyway, the party wasn’t over by about 11:00 pm. On Monday night, I already stood in my bathrobe as Gandalf shouting on the balcony if they could be quiet, but unfortunately their ears didn’t work. Eventually the police came to calm the stuck-up people gathering and Oliver and Harry did poop in their glittering thongs. My life is not much more exciting at the moment, but that is just great. Lots of sports, walks, painting my nails, park, friends, sun, cooking and reading books. What else? Everything all right with you?


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