Flirting in the supermarket and the Dutch TV

Ciao tutti! Vacation at last. For a moment I didn’t know where to look for it when I realized that I don’t have to attend lectures for the next eight days. Tomorrow the weather will be nice, so bonus. Luckily I had dinner leftovers from yesterday, so I don’t have to cook. Still, that’s kind of like having someone else cook for you, but the pathetic single life version of it. Although in my relationships they hardly ever cooked for me, I think the most spectacular was when they once made tea for me. Although I don’t mind cooking at all, I love it.

We can also add another sad program to the list of sad Dutch television. I passed by the program “The Dance Marathon”. Fifty hours of dancing, for charity. What a low point we have reached. After making a television program for every existing problem (like “Help My Husband Is a Handyman” and “Arguments With Neighbours”), we are now going to make people exhaust themselves and put them at risk for psychosis and other psychological problems that you can get from exhaustion. Unimaginable. Nice to have medical experts around, but by the time you hallucinate, there’s little they can do for you. A really good medical expert would not want to participate in this, but advise that it is irresponsible.

Speaking of Tv programs, the program “To Turkey For a Big Ass” (yes seriously). I get so confused from women who change themselves unnecessarily with plastic surgery. Changing a healthy body, just to reach the beauty ideal that the media portrays. It can’t even be called a “ass” anymore, it’s a kind of very thick pamper, two skippy balls on your back. If you ask me, it’s mutilation. It would be so nice if women (and men too, of course) could be happy with who they are, accept what you look like. In the world of plastic surgery, there is too much freedom. Women are starting to look more and more the same. This often involves not thinking long term, but those skippy balls on your back won’t stay in fashion forever. Nothing wrong with being natural, it’s even much nicer! We should strive for a healthy body, not the, what is called the “beauty ideal”.

No TV for me (at most Netflix or satire). So my Saturday night I had a nice drink with two friends. I was talking to her about how to appeal to nice men in the supermarket. It all sounds so easy peasy, but how? What about when you have a box of tampons or with a pack of 12 toilet rolls 3 layer Page running under your arm? I already think it sucks when I walk down the street with an orphanage amount of toilet rolls like it’s a designer bag, like “yeah, but I also shit”. Nothing bad can happen, but still there is something that stops you, but I don’t understand what. Although there is more in life that I don’t understand. For example, I don’t understand why today there was a smoked sausage on the cookie shelf without any packaging. Does anyone think “oh, no rather cookies with coffee than smoked sausage”.

When I came home from my friends, I gave my big friend Rocky (cat) a bowl of dead animals, so he was also happy. What was less, was that I discovered him shortly after in the hallway, licking my headphone cable with his dead animal breath from the food. My cat likes to lick cables in one way or another. He actually holds it in both hands and laps at it until it is soaked. It has happened that I gave him a kiss, but exactly on a piece of fur where he had just washed himself. A kiss on such a smooth clammy wet coat. At a time like that, you’d rather your mouth didn’t exist for a while.

This week I’m going to have a wonderful week, I’m going to Maastricht to a gospel concert with a friend. I’m also going to see Mutti in Friesland and I’m going on a pub crawl with a friend. In between I will spend many hours in the books, but the nice prospects will help me. Last week I booked a vacation to Malta and I have finally oriented myself on defense sports. So the year is going to end nicely, and already fun plans for 2022. Promising, right? And to end with a nice quote I found this week: “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”. Who makes you happy?


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