Cold, drumming and no snacks

Ciao, cari lettori! If I don’t have pressure sores on my butt after today, I don’t know what will. On days when I don’t necessarily have to do anything, sometimes I also do nothing. Going to the shops can sometimes be quite a hard task when you’re tired. My nightly adventures are also special. The day before yesterday I was in Africa with all my exes (3), and suddenly my aunt was sitting at a picnic table in the bush. Last night in my dream I was taking pictures of myself, but in the picture suddenly The Nun was standing behind me. The Nun with jet black eyes and mouth. It’s also -10 in the house, without a working heater. Luckily I’m getting a new heating boiler on Wednesday so I don’t have to walk around like an Eskimo anymore, and live under 2 blankets on the couch. A kind of easy version of a survival program. Surviving in the cold without food, but then at home. Finally I was able to drag myself to the supermarket with my half necrotic body.

I can already see people on bikes wearing gloves, pants made of rabbit fur and hats made of Kazakhstani sheep. Let me rely on that and put on my winter coat. Well, upon arrival, I was sweaty everywhere. I hadn’t been to Albert Heijn in a long time, but then suddenly I saw the cashier I did checkout with every morning before work. I think her name was Jannie. When I saw Jannie, I reacted happier than expected. Jannie and I have built up sort of a relationship over the years than expected. A business relationship, because it’s all about money, but still. Incidentally, I do not know how Jannie feels about it, but I think there is a good chance that I am just a costumer to her. The only downside was that outside it smelled as if a bag of poop had been set on fire. I don’t know exactly how that smells like, but I think like this.

Well now the new central heating boiler has been installed. I noticed that mechanics talk about equipment as if it were their child. The guy who came to install the new intercom here a few months ago said when he was done, “you can go play with it!”. Okay, Peter. Indeed, I have nothing to do anyway so let me go play with the intercom. And the boiler man said: “you can just let it do its job”. Okay, I’ll leave it alone for a while. There’s just a lot of air in the pipes. It sounds a bit like an African tribe is drumming in my radiator.

The heater bleeding is a piece of cake, but the highest point (bleeding the radiator must always be at the highest point, google it if you do not understand it otherwise it will be a lot of text, and i’m not wikipedia), is a point where there is a hatch. As the mechanic said, “in the attic”. It looks like it can’t be opened, but it can. If you open it you pull the whole paint along with it, I don’t feel like damaging anything and fixing it afterwards. And if the African tribe doesn’t drum in my radiator, they will drum in my eternally clogged drain about twice a year. Or the neighbor. He also has a drum on which he sometimes beats rhythmically in the evening. I can’t imagine it, expressing all your emotions by drumming on a djembe made of a goatskin from a goat tribe in the Mongolian mountains and wood from Peruvian trees.

Well, I think the most exciting thing about today was that my plate was stuck in my dishwashing bowl. Completely vacuumed. And since it wasn’t a amazing day, I had decided to go watch Harry Potter. Harry Potter makes up for everything. I bought that movie online, made a nice dinner, finally relaxing. First thing I screamed after I turned it on was “NO”. The audio of the movie was in Dutch. Provided you can’t read, you are a barbarian if you watch the movie with Dutch audio. I find dubbing in movies, besides socializing with not nice people and wet socks, to be one of the worst things in the world. So no Harry Potter for me tonight. Unfortunately, I had also gone to the wrong supermarket and was unable to buy my familiar snacks and had no snack inspiration for new ones. I am going to jump into my bed with the movie Ghost Busters. What will your weekend bring?

Don’t forget, always look on the bright side!


  1. bienologisch

    Hier vannacht lekker lopen vechten en een oude bekende de stuipen op het lijf gejaagd. Trots op mijzelf hoor ware het niet dat ik het in mijn slaap lijfelijk heb uitgebeeld en ik nu mijn schouder niet meer omhoog krijg. Lig nu vastgeplakt aan bed. Ach het is er warm en fijn gezelschap naast me. Zal straks wel horen of ik hem weer heb mishandeld vannacht.
    En Rocky is die veranderd in een ijsbeertje de laatste tijd?

    Liked by 1 person


      Ojee, wij hebben duidelijk een tweede leven in onze dromen 😉 kon het nou eens over shoppen of taartjes eten gaan… Rocky is weer lekker een dik wintervachtje aan het opbouwen 🐱 die zit er lekker warm bij hihi. 🥰🌻


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