11 x French movies and series

The French films and series I have seen have always been special and not boring or basic. Somehow they always manage to touch me, they are real. And of course, not to forget: funny. In this post you will read eleven French series and movies that I have seen, and which are worth watching. Let me know which ones you already know, or if you might have a tip for a French series or movie that is not yet in my list below!

  1. Amélie
    I think almost everyone knows this romantic comedy film. Besides the beautiful music and colorful decor, the story is also funny. Amelie is an innocent, sensitive and shy woman who lives alone in an apartment in Paris. She works at a café, where weird guests have a coffee everyday. Although she misses love in her own life, she tries to bring love into the lives of others. Besides bringing love, she also brings joy and happiness to many people. In this movie you go along on an adventure with the imaginative Amelie. A sweet movie with humor.
  2. Lupin
    Great crime series! I’m a fan of Omar Sy anyway. It is about a charming man, Assane Diop. Assane is a “gentleman thief” and takes his inspiration from the book “Arsène Lupin, gentleman burglar”. When he was young he lost his father, who disappeared behind bars thanks to the Pelligini family. Assane can’t believe that his father committed the crime, and goes to investigate. Assane takes you through all his adventures, from love to organized crimes.
  3. Intouchable
    One of the best comedy drama films I have ever seen, and again with Omar Sy. The film, based on true story, is about a young man named Driss who is forced by social services to look for a job. He applies to Philippe, who has had an accident while paragliding. Philippe is a wealthy aristocrat who wants to hire someone to help him around the house. No matter how hard Driss tries not to be hired, Philippe hires him. Wonderfully emotional and funny film (and beautiful music). I am in love with this film.
  4. Demain tout commence
    Oops, another movie with Omar Sy. Another good drama comedy. Charmer Samuel does love a party and nice women, but when his ex comes by to tell him he has a baby daughter and leaves her with him, he changes his way of living immediately. He becomes the best father his little daughter Gloria could wish, but are all his choices helpful ans wise?
  5. Mignonnes
    A film that was much ado about especially in America. Because I wanted to watch the film without colored glasses, I had decided not to read what others thought or wrote about it. The only thing I had heard before seeing the film was that people in America thought it was child pornography. America can be, compared to Europe, a little prudish, so America’s opinions about movies does not easily influence me (sorry to my dear American followers). The movie Mignonnes is different movie. It is about an eleven year old girl Amy. Dancing in her passion, and she shares this on social media. The movie immediately took me into Amy’s life. You see how Amy is with her friends, how she is on her own, and with her family. There is a representation in the film of how social media affects teenagers. At an increasingly younger age, teens are being exposed to sexually explicit videos and photos, which makes it normal for them to dress scantily and literally expose more and more of themselves, among other things. In the film you see what this does to Amy, how she changes and how it affects her life. Amy becomes aware of her femininity, which she shows by dancing sensually. Because of the attention and likes she gets through her social media account, her behavior is more and more reinforced, with all its consequences. At certain images I thought “wow, intense”, but it is reality. These things happen. According to some, certain shots were maybe unnecessary, but it’s a movie. The filmmaker was inspired by something she experienced. After all, the filmmaker has a goal. Therefore, I do not understand the criticism. I think that if you want to see evil, you see evil. Again, it is an extraordinary film, but I do not understand the fuss. Should we then stop showing things as they are, despite the fact that they happen? No. (I mean, what about all the pageant shows with kids dressed up like an adult woman? Exactly). And wow! The main actress Amy is so talented. If, despite all the fuss, you choose to watch the film like me, watch it especially without reading other people’s (negative) opinions beforehand, otherwise you really miss what the film is really about.
  6. Mon frère
    A beautiful but intense drama film. Teddy comes from a family where his father abused his mom. His mother fled to the Netherlands and Teddy and his younger brother were left behind. Teddy is accused of the murder of his father, and is therefore placed in a closed educational institution where there are also many other damaged youngsters. A quietly shocked boy ends up in a home where he suddenly has to protect himself even more than at home. How does Teddy keep his head above water?
  7. Bac Nord
    Wow! This movie was nexpectedly good. It is based on a true story, such a crime thriller (and also drama). In the movie you go along with a BAC-Nord brigade from Marseille Nord who get the chance to bust a big drug network. It is dangerous work and in the process they sometimes have to break the laws and rules. These three tough guys put their lives on the line to catch the drug criminals. Will they get it done without losing their boundaries?
  8. Il A Déjà Tes Yeux
    An easy, funny and beautiful film. A happy (black) couple who cannot have children chooses to adopt a child. A white baby. Not for a moment do Paul and Sali hesitate and welcome the sweet little Benjamin. They are so happy, until the outside world interferes with their choice. For example, Sali is often seen as a nanny and her Senegalese parents speak of a disgrace. And then there is a unprofessional employee of the adoption agency checking on them constantly. How do Paul and Sali deal with this?
  9. De sense de la fête
    A hilarious movie where you end up with the wedding planner and his special staff at a big wedding. Max is an experienced wedding planner and has everything down to the last detail, but with his special staff you fall from one catastrophe into another. I laughed out loud at this funny chaotic movie.
  10. Plan Coeur
    A delightful French romantic comedy series for (at least) women. Elsa has unexpectedly become single, which means she is living at home with her father again. Her ex is already overjoyed with another woman and the engagement ring has already been bought. Elsa feels hopeless, but her friends do everything they can to patch her up again. It even goes so far that her friend hires a man to bring Elsa a little love in her life again. But will it all go smoothly? I laughed many times out loud with this series, definitely one of my favorites!
  11. Je ne suis pas un homme facile
    A great comedy movie. It’s hilarious. Damien is a successful man, and lives like a happy man with quite a lot of female attention around him. The women dream away when they see him. In short: expensive car, good job, women. It’s a man’s world. And then suddenly he runs into a lamppost while flirting. He wakes up and the world is no longer as it was. The roles of men and women have been reversed. Men walk with anti-puffiness eyepads under their eyes, do houskeeping and legs are waxed. Women whistle at men, engage in sexual harassment, work at the top of companies and hold doors open for men. Damian has to adapt. A great way to look at patterns and gender inequality with a wink.


  1. Max Van Hemel

    Naast de klassieke films uit de jaren ’70 vind ik “Le Grand Bleu” (The Big Blue) en veel wat Luc Besson heeft gemaakt wel goed. Hij is zowat de Paul Verhoeven van Frankrijk. Veel van zijn films kregen een Amerikaanse remake.

    De ontwikkeling van de Franse series over de laatste jaren heeft zo ook zijn invloed op de Belgische-Franstalige series. Die worden ook steeds beter. Hou die ook maar in de gaten 😉
    Deze serie is anders ook niet mis:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. young-rebel.com

      Goede tips! Ik zal kijken of ik die films kan vinden, ben benieuwd. En betreft de Belgische-Franstalige series ook. Ik kijk wel al veel Belgische series (De Ridder, Overwater), maar (nog) niet de Franstalige. Bedankt voor de tips 😄🌻


  2. Léo

    I only saw two movies on your list:
    ‘Le sens de la fête’ with Jean-Pierre Bacri as the main actor. He died earlier this year. He was not only an actor but also a screenwriter. He had a very special sense of humor.
    ‘Untouchables’ with Omar Sy. A huge success which allowed him to play in ‘X men’.
    Hope you don’t gain too much weight with all of these great cakes you bake.
    I think about it, there is a French film that I really liked, it’s ‘La belle histoire’ by Claude Lelouch.
    Have a good evening 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. young-rebel.com

      Oh really, i didn’t know. It really liked the movie. First i thought “hmm boring”, but after a while things got really funny. No, I don’t gain weight easily, unfortunately I lose weight easily. I share all the cookies and pie with friends, otherwise I got too much sugars haha. I will look out for La Belle Histoire, but the title seems familiar to me 😊 thank you! Have a great evening too 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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