Top 5 autumn musthaves

It is autumn! Autumn is beautiful, but with the grey weather it can be a little depressing sometimes. Some people are already suffering from their winter dip because of the little sun we see here (in the Netherlands). I do not suffer from a winter dip, but I certainly feel the lack of sunshine. To get through the autumn in a nice and cosy way, I have made a musthave top 5.

Who doesn’t want a cosy home? In autumn you can decorate your home with pillows, blankets and some extra decoration like nice cosy lighting. We also need colors. No one is going to be happy with a chilly isolation room. Think of a colored plaid or pillows on the couch. Sometimes a little color can change a lot in the house. In addition, colors have an effect on your mood and therefore on your health. Especially as we move into the winter months and have less sunlight during the day. Earthy, wine red and ochre yellow colors are my favorite. If you’re not into colors, you can also choose for beautiful wooden accessories!

We really can’t go into autumn without a nice sweater. Preferably one that is just a size too big. I have quite a lot of sweaters and cardigans myself, because I’m almost always cold (and also, I live in the Netherlands). Oh, and a nice thick and soft bathrobe. This also applies to slippers and thick socks. I am also addicted to fleece sweaters and pajamas, soft and warm. And old fashioned, but indispensable: a heating pad. But the real old-fashioned aluminum one, in which you put boiled water. It often stays warm for many hours. If it is really cold, I put it in bed an hour beforehand, so the bed is already a bit warmed up. Love it!

Candles and scents
This is actually an item that is also indispensable in life. Candles are always so cosy. Preferably in warm colors, for example burgundy. You can also recycle jars and decorate them. On the internet you can find a lot of nice creative ideas to make nice tea holders. I love the smell of candles with autumnal scents, like cinnamon and apple. In besides candles, you can put oil in an oil burner or spray it on poutpourri. My favorite oils for fall are Christmas Berry and cinnamon. From the brand Brumas de ambiente (Boles D’olor), I love the scents Christmas Fruits and Angels Charme. In this post you can also read the effects of essential oils.

Books and magazines
A nice book or magazine! Sometimes you don’t really have the peace and quiet to read a book, then it’s better to choose an “easy” book, or a magazine with short pieces of text. Of course you can always visit my website to enjoy a good read, but it’s good to occasionally (more than occasionally) take a break from looking at a screen. I prefer to read books with the genre thriller. At the moment I am very busy, so I choose books that are a little easier to read. Secretly I also like teenage girls books (tip: Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging). I appreciate the moments uder a blanket on the couch or when I lie in bed early with a nice magazine or book (with tea and cookies).

And of course, what should not be forgotten, the skin care. Your skin will need a little fuller cream than in the summer. With the colder weather and the heater on, your skin needs this for proper hydration. It is not a superfluous luxury to apply a day or night cream to your skin in the morning and evening. Your skin deserves full attention! My previous article was about lip care, which we often forget tot take care of, you can read it here. Also, don’t forget to put on a weekly mask that is hydrating. It’s always good to moisturize your skin, but especially in the fall and winter. If you want some more information about (face) care, read my posts in the beauty category.


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