12 x Christmas related movies and series

It’s December, time for Christmas movies! Lovely to hang out on the couch with a blanket on a cold fall or winter day. I just watched Christmas movies and series this past week, but if you have any tips for fun Christmas movies or series that are not on this list, let me know in the comments. Here you can read my 12 tips for fun and wonderful Christmas movies and series!

  1. Überweihnachten
    A fun German series. Basti is kind of an adult adolescent and his life doesn’t really want to work out. He moved to Berlin hoping for a breakthrough, but the opposite is true. He has neglected contact with his family, but they finally get together for Christmas. Arriving at the parental home, his brother is already there with his new girlfriend. The ex of Basti. He can’t stand his brother anymore, but they are stuck with each other over Christmas. In this miniseries you are taken into the tangled life of Basti.
  2. Hjem Til Jul
    A great Norwegian romantic comedy. Johanne is 30 years old and has been single for a long time. Everyone around her is already starting to live together, have children and get married. Every year at Christmas she gets questions whether she already has a boyfriend. She is fed up and says that she has a boyfriend. The table full of family members starts cheering and her mother says she has to bring him along for Christmas. Johanne must now quickly look for a potential partner, which of course does not go without a hitch.
  3. Little Women
    A wonderful and good film! A costume drama about four ambitious sisters growing up in poverty in the 19th century. Their father fights in the Civil War and mother takes care of the family. They have greater ambitions than were expected of women in the 19th century. Jo (writer) in particular feels limited in life and does not want to be dependent on men. In 1868, Jo is working as a teacher in New York. Jo’s sister Amy is staying in Paris with her Aunt March. After Jo receives a letter from her family revealing that her younger sister Beth is seriously ill, she returns home. Her wealthy neighbor boy Laurie becomes her best friend. A look into the boisterous and extraordinary lives of the little women.
  4. Office Christmas Party
    Hilarious movie, with Jason Bateman (woohoo). Josh is finally divorced from his wife. Things are not going well at the company he works for. People are being fired, bonuses are being reduced and the boss doesn’t want the Christmas party to be held, but her brother (who also works for the company) doesn’t agree. Josh and Clay come up with a solution and must try to bring in a big client Walter to save the company. Walter won’t go with them because the culture within the company is not good. Too focused on money, not focused enough on employee welfare. The only solution is to invite Walter to the Christmas party. So the Christmas party does go ahead. This, of course, is not going to be a normal party and gets completely out of hand. They have to impress Walter, so it has to be a hysterical and insane Christmas party.
  5. The Polar Express
    You can’t expect more Christmas atmosphere in a movie than this! A beautiful animated film about a little boy who is suddenly startled awake in the night by a train that passes by the house. He runs outside, and runs towards the conductor. It’s the train to the North Pole. He gets on and a train full of other children, there he has all kinds of exciting adventures on his way to the North Pole where he meets Santa Claus. Wonderful movie!
  6. Single All The Way
    A fun romantic comedy. I find Michael Urie incredibly comical. Peter goes to see his family for Christmas but knows his family is going to whine about whether he has a lover already. He comes up with the genius idea that his best friend should come along and pretend to be his lover. Once he arrives, that plan immediately falls apart, but his mother has arranged a blind date for him. Will that be the one for Peter?
  7. Christmas Chronicles
    Kate lives with her brother Teddy and mother, her father passed away last year. It will be the first Christmas without dad. Between her Katie and Teddy argue a lot. Since the death of their father, Teddy has gone down the wrong path. Katie was recording Teddy while he was stealing a car, and confronts him about it. Perfect blackmail material to get Teddy to help her try to record Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. And it succeeds, but they caused a lot of trouble. Together they go on an adventurous journey with Santa. There is also part 2, as a sequel to the first fil (but I didn’t like part 2).
  8. The Holiday
    One of my favorite movies (and SO romantic) that I watch every year, with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winsley, Jack Black and…. Jude Law! Amanda her relationship is over and she wants to get away from it all. She ends up on a website with vacation rentals, and swaps homes with another woman named Iris. She trades in her gigantic villa for a cozy and cute little house in England. But instead of just swapping homes, they temporarily live each other’s lives as well.
  9. Bridget Jones
    I watch these movies a few times every year, and it doesn’t get boring. Not a typical Christmas movie, but a little Christmas in the background (Christmas sweaters and Christmas tree, Christmas enough right?), with Marc Darcy and Bridget’s awesome Christmas sweater. A feature film about a young single woman in her early thirties, from London. Hopeless love life, lots of wine, diets, and a little awkwardness. Delightful. I love it. The order of the films is as follows: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and Bridget Jones’s Baby
  10. The Grinch
    The movie is set in a fantasy world populated by the cute little creatures the Who’s. It’s finally Christmas again, and it’s always celebrated big at the Who’s. But there’s the Grinch. When the Grinch was young, he was bullied a lot. For example, he was laughed at during the Christmas party at school. Then in all his anger he destroyed all the Christmas decorations and went to live on a mountain all alone. He does not like Christmas, because it is a materialistic celebration that only revolves around gifts. Cindy, a Who child, doubts the wickedness of the Grinch, and visits him. Is the Grinch really that bad?
  11. Four Christmases
    A hilarious romantic comedy, laughed so bad during this movie. The story is about the couple Kate and Brad. They are not married and have no children, but are nevertheless happy with each other (which people don’t undersant. Both come from families in which the same problems prevail; their parents are divorced, their siblings fight regularly, and their cousins are unruly. Partly for this reason, they have spent the past two years making up excuses not to spend Christmas with their families. For example, they pretend that they have to go to a faraway, sunny place every year for a charity. This year they are trying to get away to Fiji for Christmas, but a fog bank at the airport prevents their flight from leaving. And also, they are filmed by a news crew reporting on the chaos at the airport, which allows their families to see that the two cannot leave. They are now forced to visit their families anyway. That’s going to be a-ma-zing.
  12. Holiday In The Wild
    Christmas, the most fun time of the year, right? Kids moved out for college, so Kate suggests a second honeymoon to Africa to her husband.  “I’m not in love with you anymore, i’m moving out.” And away he goes. Kate is left stunned and abandoned. She goes to Zambia alone. Kate manages to enjoy herself as a strong woman here, and of course she runs into someone there who it clicks well with and goes on an adventure in the wild with.


    1. young-rebel.com

      Hahaha mooi dat je dat zegt, want ik dacht precies hetzelfde. Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik niet een type ben voor kerstfilms, maar deze lijst kon er goed mee door. Voor mij ook echt geen Home Alone meer 🤣 arme jij. Groetjes en fijne avond!!!🤩

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