Tips for achieving your new goals

Christmas is almost over, and the new year is insight. We look back on 2021, feeling positive or negative. Toward the end of the year, we start thinking about what we want in the new year. What goals do we want to achieve? What do we want to do differently? It’s a great time to start with new goals and to make ideas come true. Coming up with new goals is not difficult, but how can you achieve them? The important thing is that goals are achievable. Because they are attainable, it also prevents disappointment. The purpose of setting goals is to have a better and happier life. The whole process of achieving goals have, in my opinion, more chances of success if you write it down for yourself somewhere. And what is especially important is to keep track of your progress. For example, do you want to cut down or stop smoking? Then write down daily whether you have succeeded or not. Or keep track of how much weight you’ve lost, or how often you’ve said “no” to your limits. And setting goals can be done any time of the year, of course! Not just at New Year’s Eve.

What goals would you like to work on? This could be related to study, financially, travel, quitting smoking, sports, career, family, meeting new people, finding a partner, etc. It can be things you are dissatisfied with, but also things you simply want to achieve. Making goals, but especially achieving them, are a boost to your life. You can focus on something and your life doesn’t stand still. Achieving a goal gives you self-confidence, which in turn gives you more strength and energy to tackle other things.

Step-by-step guide
Some goals are easier than others, but a plan of action is always good. The questions below can help you get a good understanding of how you want to achieve your goal, what you need, but it is also important how you can keep it up. Things you might not think of right away, but along the way you might run into. Answer the following questions for yourself and write them down somewhere (that you can’t lose):

  1. This year I’m going
    What do you want to achieve? What are you running into, or what is going well and you want to keep going?
  2. I’m going to achieve this by
    How are you going to achieve the goal? What do you need to achieve the goal?
  3. I need help with
    For some goals you need help, think for example about starting therapy. For this you need a therapist. If you want to exercise more, you may need support from someone. This can be a friend, but also a coach. Asking for help to achieve a goal is very helpful. Sometimes reading stories on the internet can help, for example stories of experience of others.
  4. Evaluation date of my goal
    With a goal comes a date to evaluate. Sometimes a goal is too hard and you can look at how it is feasible for you. It does not matter if that is the case, sometimes something is harder to change or maintain than it seems. The important thing is that you do not give up. For some goals it is good to evaluate weekly, such as bedtimes. For some goals, you can evaluate monthly. If your goal is to lose weight, you do need to be honest with yourself. Give yourself and the body time to lose weight.

And perhaps the most important tip: don’t think of too many goals at once. I sometimes see people around me have a huge list of goals. Of course, you can write down your goals, but I recommend focusing on one goal at a time. It has a much better chance of success then too! You can do it. I believe in you. Believe in your own strength, that’s half the battle. Don’t give up.


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