Thick and long, covid and new house

For this day I’ve been waiting a long time. That I could write again. I owe you some explanation. Maybe you thought that I lost my fingers and I couldn’t type anymore, but that’s not the case. I finally have a vacation, but the road to it has been a struggle.

In February I got Covid along with pneumonia. I was out of the running for about eight weeks. I got behind with my studies, but I insisted on getting my propaedeutic diploma in one year. The stress I got after recovering from Covid was not a fun period. But, after rain comes the sun. I passed my propaedeutic with an eight, and…. and! I have a new house. It is newly built and I am the first occupant. It’s a dream house, scandinavian bohemian looking, wooden ceiling. And also another update: just before I got Covid, I met someone. He’s still there. So our second date was Covid together, instead of wine together. At least so far, the year 2022 has been anything but boring and monotonous. Worth something too, right?

The temperature in the Netherlands is fantastic, but I’m now writing this article with my sweating armpits and knees. The past few weeks I’ve been busy with the house. With handymen. The first wallpaper man went home ill after thirty minutes, the floor man started complaining about the pain in his back after one minute. He called me, ‘I’m sorry, I’m outside, can you carry my bag?’. I was like hell yeah, I need that floor, I carry anything. Didn’t I know that his bag was as heavy as an elephant. So in the end we could both sign up for fysiotherapy and our hernia. Thank God he did finish the floor in one day. You understand, this has cost me three years of my life, the stress about the handymen. Last week picking out the curtain rod. The man asked ‘how big do you want it?’. ‘Big’, it’s a full wall of windows after all. ‘Do you want it thick or thin?’. I had trouble keeping a straight face.’Thick’ I said. ‘Thick and big, please’. ‘Allright, m’am’.

Yesterday I found out that my cat chipped his tooth, poor thing. Probably because of his disability he fell on his tooth. Cats don’t show that their in pain, he was still the active happy cat as always. “Die hards” as my vet called them. Now two teeth need to be removed. Life is not about roses, as we say in the Netherlands. Hopefully he will feel better soon. For today I’m about to paint the bedroom. The plan is that I’ll be done painting by Friday. Then I have a little vacation, and by the end of the month I have to go back to study. Allthough, I am looking forward to it. Soon I will finally put my Malta posts online. I hope to come up with a nice collaboration as well, I’m back.


  1. chattykerry

    I am so sorry that you became so ill with Covid but glad that there are other good things going on with your life. Poor little kitty – one of our old cats had only a few teeth left at the end but managed to eat everything. 🐈

    Liked by 1 person


      Thanks for your sweet comment ❤️ ahh poor thing! I read that it is quite “normal” that cat lose teeth during their life. Luckily he did managed to eat, so I have to be a bit less worried about Rocky 🐱 although, his belly says enough 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. shivatje

    Leuk je tekst terug te lezen.
    En zo zie je het leven staat niet stil.
    Je hebt je huisje je baasje en nu nog kids hahahahaha
    Ach het loopt zoals het lopen moet.
    Hoop dat je volledig genezen bent van covid.

    Kan alleen maar schrijven blijf genieten blijf van jouw leven houden en iedere dag brengt iets moois.

    Aum Shanti

    Liked by 1 person


      Dankjewel! Het leven staat zeker niet stil, houdt het spannend. Hahaha, de kids mogen nog even paar jaar wachten, moet mezelf eerst even mentaal voorbereiden hier op 😉 Ik ben gelukkig weer helemaal genezen inderdaad! Ik ga het schrijven weer lekker oppakken, het is veel te leuk. Zal binnenkort ook even jouw blog bekijken! Groet en geniet van de zon

      Liked by 1 person

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