Sicily, sun and back to normal life

I spontaneously booked a flight to Sicily last week to visit my boyfriend and meet my in-laws. Clothing crisis. What to bring, what to wear. My bikini was still at the other house, so I had to look for a bikini. I had ordered from a webshop that promised the classic “next day delivery“. But no. I had to go into town to look for a bikini. In case you don’t know, I hate shopping. This was also the moment suprême, it was summer sale time. First of all, there were no bikinis left, and even though it was still thirty degrees in the Netherlands, the autumn collection was already in the stores. In the end, I found one. Who does this for fun? Women hunt for clothes in stores as if their lives depend on it. They pull the clothes from the racks, they push you aside because they want to touch the very same clothings that I was touching. Well, my point is clear.

So last week I travelled to the amazing Sicily. Such a trip takes a long time, but I always have a good time. A bit of reading, watching people, searching for oxygen because of stinking armpits, eating and eating. Luckily, the heater was on in the bus, because it was only thirty degrees in the Netherlands. What I always find funny are people who start sighing very loudly. It makes me laugh, because when you sigh really loud, nothing changes. I mean, you can just say what’s bothering you. Everyone was half-dead when we arrived at Eindhoven central station. Then I had to take the bus to Eindhoven Airport, and there I encountered smelly armpits again. Why? We are no longer living in 1887 (the first deodorant was invented in 1888, fun fact). Anyway, completely unnecessary in 2022. Even my lover’s socks smell better. The bus was also far too full. I was sitting comfortably on a seat, but im front of me there was a man standing very close to my head. So I had to lean to the right, because otherwise my head was practically between his legs. Ew. Finally I arrived at the airport after a travel of three hours. There should have been enormous queues, but actually it wasn’t that bad. After I had a coffee, I had a nice conversation with a Dutch family, who was coincidentally also going to Sicily.

I was sitting in the airplane and in front of me were two spoilt children and a mother. The armrest of the seat was slammed back and forth thirty times with considerable force, the film on the laptop was on volume 100 so that I could also enjoy the high-pitched voices of the Italian Minions. Ah yes, children. Or rather, parents. These days, children are carried around by the hand. Helmet on, gloves on, and preferably sitting safe inside on the sofa. They are made of porcelain and parents are their maids. But hurting my ears from the spoilt crying, that’s no problem. Do me a favour parents, and don’t make your children a prince or princess. Then life will be terribly hard and disappointing, for both parties.

On the flight, I had no one sitting next to me, so I could stretch my long legs. I could already see someone else looking at the empty seats, but luckily he stayed on his own seat and I could sit as the queen. With thirty minutes delay, we finally left for Sicily. Finally reunited with my love! We had dinner in Catania and then we had to drive for another two hours to Messina. We stayed in his family’s house, with the cutest nonna ever. All a heart of gold. There will be an another post about my trip in Sicily on my blog. I stayed for a few days. I ate the best Italian food homemade by mamma and nonna, and discovered a part of the island together with my boyfriend. It was too short, but my lovely cat had to go to the vet on monday to take some teeth out. After a few nice road trips in the heat, swimming in the sea and all the delicious food, it was time to go back to the Netherlands.

The return journey always takes an eternity. On the flight back I fortunately fell asleep, and I spent the rest of the time eating Italian sandwiches on board. On the way back, I met an old Dutch woman in the bus, with whom I had a nice conversation. She used to be a nurse and the conductor of a children’s choir. We exchanged the name of each other’s choir and I continued my journey. I sat in front of a guy on the train, but he kept saying some words out loud. I tried to avoid any eye contact, to reduce the risk of contact. I would have preferred to lie down at the top of the luggage rack to avoid any contact, but that would have been rather strange in itself. I didn’t feel like being the weirdo. He was allowed to steal the show this time.

Now normal life starts again, university, volunteer work, and everything else I do. I do feel like studying again. This coming period, I am going to study the family of origin, which is important for the formation of the personality. And not to forget, Sunday is Rocky’s birthday, he will be 3 years old! What are you up to in life?



      Oh, roadtrips are amazing. I’ve never been in Texas. I only know Texas from the scary Chainsaw Massacre movie (oops). I hope once in my life to do a nice roadtrip in America as well, would be amazing. The nature in America is breathtaking. Thanks for your sweet comment! Have a good weekend XO

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  1. shivatje

    Dat heb je weeral mogen meemaken stank van een ander opsnuiven. hahahaha.
    Alle dan toch nog een bikini gevonden maar als het niet zo had geweest gewoon puur natuur lopen hahahaha.
    Toch top dat je nog een heerlijk verblijf gehad hebt op Sicilië.

    Aum Shanti

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