Backstreet boys hair and depressive cat

I am currently sitting at school with a cappuccino and fresh croissant waiting for my class to start. Actually, that is the best way to wake up. My sleep is not optimal, so I can use a coffee. My cat, as you may know, had three teeth pulled. I gave him temporarily soft food, to which he turned out to be allergic. He started to scratch his belly, and a wound developed there. He is now wearing a romper. A romper. It’s a baby now. He is totally depressed about it, and I am close. He doesn’t want to walk with the romper and I have to help him to the litterbox. I have now turned into a kind of All-Seeing Eye to check on him. Sometimes his romper goes off somehow, so I have to check on him regularly.

Besides being an All-Seeing Eye, I also have a Backstreet Boys hairdo. In summer, I had it cut down to my neck, but it’s growing like crazy. Now it’s up to my collarbone, such an in-between-size haircut. Such a hairstyle as if you’re unsure which hair length you want it to be. Now I pretend I really care, but my hair is not sacred. It’s nice and fine to have it on my head, but I don’t really care about the length. It does look a bit like the Afghan type of dog right now. Anyway, at least it’s not a Beatles haircut. Because then I wouldn’t leave the house, or at least cut a bag with 2 holes for my eyes and one hole for oxygen. My hairdresser said last time that I should get some bangs cut. Not one of those thick ones, but a thin one. I once had bangs cut too short by a hairdresser. Such a nice eighties haircut. Madonna called me if she could have her bangs back. Oh, yes girl! So I am now the All-Seeing Eye with Backstreet Boys haircut. This is the new me.

I also went to the dentist. That in itself is not so special because I go twice a year. I also go to the dental hygienist twice a year. In the Netherlands they know very well how to make money. Anyway, I was looking for another dentist because I moved. I ended up with a Spanish dentist. Friendly guy, but he said “don’t worry, but you have twelve cavities”. I thought, how the f* do I have twelve cavities. Furthermore, I couldn’t understand him very well either because of the poor Dutch. Once home, I called my old dentist again and he said that although there was a cavity, it was all not as horror as the other dentist said. A dentist can tell you anything. From dentist Julio Espinosa (that was not his name, but it is a Spanish name. It’s a name from my favorite Spanish series which I use for any Spanish guy since then), I could have bought dentures. At the dental hygienist, everything was fine. I never find it painful, but the sound is terrible. Not to mention the cold Alaskan water they rinse your mouth with. Hallelujah, how cold that is.

I am doing an extra mini study alongside my studies. Turned out they had put the wrong date in the mail. So I was waiting with my good behavior in class, wondering where everyone was. I checked my e-mail and saw that they wrote an mail “sorry, there was a mistake in our first mail”. Okay. My happy mood turned to grumpy. That day I had gone by bus for once, because it was raining so much that day. On my way back I saw an oliebollen stall, so I had to buy them. I found my solace in food. It could have been a book title. They were quite expensive tho. Thank you Putin, for the sunflower oil export ban. Anyway, once back at the station, the bus was already arrived. Once on the bus, I soon began to have doubts about whether it was the right bus. I was hoping that the bus would turn right, but no, it went straight ahead. We were stuck in traffic and I couldn’t get off the bus. Got off at the first stop. Then I had to walk fifteen minutes back to the station in the pouring rain. My mood had dropped to the earth’s crust. I’m not easily grumpy, but this was too much. I had to wait a while for the bus. While I was waiting, I ran into another awkward guy I dated from long ago. I noticed he was looking at me, but luckily he just looked away when I saw him. So eye contact was avoided. After fifteen minutes, the bus I was supposed to take finally arrived. The same bus number as the other bus, but a different name. I got on the bus, and saw the exact same bus driver sitting there. The same bus driver. The same bus. It was the same bus, but then he made a whole tour of my city first, then he came back to the station and continued on toward my house. My head exploded. In the time I had gotten off the bus, walked through the rain, waited all that time for the bus, I could have been on the same bus. Then I turned off my brain, sat down and ate a snicker (no promotion). Two-and-a-half hours of travelling because of a wrong date in an e-mail.

When I came home I really felt like doing something crazy, so I cut my own bangs. And it worked out good. I ate my oliebollen and after that I stayed in bed like an tired amoeba. An tired amoeba with backstreet boys hair and bangs.


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