Privacy Policy respects your privacy and takes the protection of your personal data seriously. Appropriate measures have therefore been taken to prevent misuse, loss, unwanted disclosure, unauthorised access and unauthorised changes.

Personal data
When you post a comment, the following data is collected: your name, e-mail address, IP address and the browser you use.

What are these data used for?
This information is used exclusively to possibly get in touch with you, for example by responding to your comment or by subscribing to This website has been created with WordPress. is an internet service that provides hosting for weblogs. When you leave a message on the website, the data is stored by WordPress. Also data like your IP-address and the used browser are saved by WordPress. In this way the system is able to recognise spam. WordPress also uses Gravatar, which is a service that allows you to create a profile. With this profile you will be recognised on WordPress sites based on your e-mail address. More information about the privacy policy of Automattic can be found here. Automattic is the company behind WordPress.

SSL Certificate uses a trustworthy SSL Certificate to protect your personal data.

How long do I keep your data?
You can read here how long your data is kept. Storing comments is a way for the system to recognise spam. For example, if you have posted a comment before, the system will recognise you as not being spam. This also applies to contact forms. If you use the contact form on this website, the data you enter will be stored. In addition, the contact form is not just about where they end up and what happens to them. It is also important that they are sent over a secure connection. That is why this website is not http but https (or has an ssl certificate).

Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this blog. The cookies that uses are necessary for your convenience, so you do not have to fill in your details every time you visit. On your first visit to you will see a message at the bottom ‘privacy and cookies’. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies.

If you leave a message on this website, you can choose to be informed of responses to your comment. The software will then store your name and email address in cookies. The function of those cookies is to recognise you when you return to that page and not to have to log in again when you want to reply.  You can opt out of cookies by configuring your internet browser so that it does not store any more cookies. You can also delete all information previously stored in your browser settings. For more information, including on cookie management, click here.

Third parties will never sell personal data to third parties.

External link sometimes refers to other websites, but is not responsible for the content of those websites. Therefore, please read the privacy policy of external websites before you share your personal information on that website.

Request to see, correct or delete
If you, as a visitor, would like to have your data corrected or removed (e.g. a posted comment), please send your request to I will respond to your request within 4 weeks.